Katerina Rapti

Katerina Rapti

“It is the mind itself which builds the body.”

J.H. Pilates


Katerina Rapti studied Kinesiology, Pilates, Marshal Arts and many more:


Working with the body according to Pilates method is essentially a kinesiological study of it – of the skeleton

and the  muscle system. Through various exercises, paying full attention of the necessities and capacities

of each individual, we work on existing asymmetries, bringing back alignment and balance.


Muscular strains are usually the outcome of malfunctioning habits reflected in our posture and the way

we use the body. During Pilates session we develop the conscience of the movement, the concentration

and the breathing, reconnecting body and mind, restoring the natural feeling of well being.


By improving the understanding of the body, by awakening our natural concentration, by expanding

the respiratory function and by exploring the inner vibration and our kinaesthetic perception, we move

towards a better physical and spiritual action, leading to adapt this approach as a general attitude to life.


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