Music Week 2017

Music Week 2017

Yossi Fine, Haim Laroz, Alex Forster, Spiros Balios

Music Week 2017
Date: Jul 03 - Jul 09, 2017

Accommodation Details


Tao’s Music Week visitors are given special accommodation prices in near-by family hotels. Please check the details on our Accommodation Page and contact us through the More Info button above.

Tao’s Music Week  will take place from the 3rd to the 9th of July 2017 and is 1 week of 6 LIVE music show and night parties, 1 jamming session, 3 masterclasses, 1 vocal workshop, and much more. Fun and music in the unique setting of Tao’s Bar & restaurant. Check the  Schedule here.


Tao’s Music Week is about presenting music as it happens, heard simultaneously while it’s created, a unique experience that unifies musicians and audience into the soul-touching and heart-opening qualities of music.



Tao’s 2017 Music Week is happy to host:


Yossi Fine: a world known bassist and producer, his style in his solo work has been called “extreme bass groove”, incorporating drum & bass, breakbeat, dubstep and heavy metal influences.

More about Yossi


Haim Laroz: a dub producer from Tel Aviv, Israel, he’s mainly attracted to ethnic styles of music such as reggae, jazz, ragamuffin, break-beat, ambient and dub.

More about Haim


 Alex Forster: an audiovisual adventurer who travels the world to capture and produce rich soundscapes that cross boundaries and fuse traditional acoustic and progressive electronic styles.

More about Alex


Spiros Balios:  one of the best known local Paros musicians, playing the bouzouki, the laouto and the violin, influenced by the musical idiom of Paros and of other Cycladic Islands.  

More about Spiros


Alcalica:  a trio operating from Berlin and Mytilini playing electronic music with traditional instruments like the Persian santoor, Greek baglamas, hand operated drum machines and vocals in 5 languages.

More about Alcalica


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