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Tao’s Music Week 2019

Tao’s Music Week 2019
Date: Jul 15 - Jul 21, 2019
Price: prices range from Free-entrance to 10€ per event depending on the event. For more information check our program

Accommodation Details


Tao’s Music Week visitors are given special accommodation prices in near-by family hotels. Please check the details on our Accommodation Page and contact us through the More Info button above.

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Tao’s Music Week will take place from the 15th to the 21st of July and is a week of LIVE Mediterranean music shows and night parties, jamming sessions, masterclasses, full moon events and much more. Fun and music in the unique setting of Tao’s Bar & Restaurant.

Tao’s Music Week is about presenting music as it happens, heard simultaneously while it’s created, a unique experience that unifies musicians and audience into the soul-touching and heart-opening qualities of music.

During this week, in the mornings (10:00 – 13:30) we will have our Wild Root Vocal Journey workshop, with Amit Carmeli and in the evenings we will have the following events, under the stars:


Monday 15/07 – 20.00 (Free)

Intro Session for Wild Root Vocal Journey 

with Amit Carmeli

(Music Event – Big Hall)


Tuesday 16/07 – 21.30 (3€) 

Swing Jazz

Sara Do Polulos Quartet with Virtuoso flutes player Leo Sarantopoulos together with a piano, double bass & drum set.

(Live Show – Outdoors)


Wednesday 17/07 – 21.30 (3€) 

Karipis & Klonis drum beat

Vaggelis Karipis & Dimitris Klonis percussion dialogue

(Live Show – Outdoors)


Wednesday 17/07 – 23.30 (Free) 

Full Moon Party 

House and Techno beats with DJ Tami Bibring

(Party – Outdoors)


Thursday 18/07 – 21.30 (3€)

Martha Mavroidi Quartet

Root Music from the Mediterranean. Politiki Lyra – lafta

(Live Show – Outdoors)


Friday 19/07 – 21.30 (3€)

Zruits Spirits

Armenian vibes with flamenco guitar with Duduk, and Clarinete with percussion

(Live Show – Outdoors)


Saturday 20/07 – 21.30 (3€)

Sofrano Aegean Tunes

Islands music – Spiros Balios and friends

(Live Show – Outdoors)


Sunday 21/07 – 20.00 (10€)

Final Ceremony Vocal Journey

Last session with Amit Carmeli to conclude Wild Root Vocal Journey open to all. 

(Music Event – Big Hall)


Sunday 21/07 – 22.00 (3€)

Amit Carmeli & Harel Shachal

Arak Music

(Live Show – Outdoors)


Sunday 21/07 – 23.30 (Free)

Closing Party

Jamming musicians meet the DJ Alex PM

(Party – Outdoors)


More details here

If you would like to book your table,

please call us at 22840 28882.

3€ per person as music fee will be added to the bill during this week.



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