Music Week 2018

Music Week 2018

Music Week 2018
Date: Jul 02 - Jul 08, 2018
Price: prices range from Free-entrance to 5€ per event; more details soon

Accommodation Details


Tao’s Music Week visitors are given special accommodation prices in near-by family hotels. Please check the details on our Accommodation Page and contact us through the More Info button above.

Tao’s Music Week  will take place from the 2nd to the 8th of July 2018 and is a week of LIVE music shows and night parties, jamming sessions, masterclasses, a vocal workshop, a Biodanza workshop and much more. Fun and music in the unique setting of Tao’s Bar & restaurant.


Tao’s Music Week is about presenting music as it happens, heard simultaneously while it’s created, a unique experience that unifies musicians and audience into the soul-touching and heart-opening qualities of music.


This edition is a co-production between Violins Ltd. and Tao’s Center, bringing high quality shows from all around the world. Every night during the Music Week there will be a live show under the stars, from Brazilian Jazz or Rebetico, to Swing, Percussion performances, French Musette or DJ Parties…

More information on the schedule very soon. There will be a show at 9.30pm, at Tao’s every night.

If you would like to book your table, please call us at 22840 28882.
3€ per person as music fee will be added to the bill.


Tao’s Music Week videos on our Youtube channel

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