Awareness Tools

Awareness Tools

Awareness Tools
Date: Jul 26 - Jul 28, 2018
Price: 395€
For workshop, daily lunch & 4-nights shared accommodation; 10% discount for locals

Packages Details


Awareness Tools workshop is offered in a package that includes 4-night accommodation in family hotels in the near-by village of Ambelas:

Eleana Hotel

395€ for sharing a room; 485€ for staying alone.

Christiana Hotel

395€ for sharing a room; 545€ for staying alone.

Margarita Studios

505€ for sharing a room; 657€ for staying alone.

Ambelas Mare

895€ for sharing a room; 1025€ for staying alone.


Workshop and meals-alone Price (without accommodation): 260€

10% discount for locals

For more details & registration please contact us through the ‘More Info‘ button above.

Awareness Tools is a 3-day workshop with Orly Doctori (Ujallah), presenting practical tools for change and self growth.


Personal transformation and growth is what we all look for. We usually call it happiness, we try to reach it yet it eludes us. One main reason is the blurry way in which we approach it: we are un-clear about what we want and what is bothering us, we pursue what we don’t really need and we don’t take the right and simple action needed. This workshop is about putting an order into this process and offering practical tools for a happy transformation.


The 3-day retreat schedule includes morning, afternoon & evening sessions and a daily lunch.





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