Become Who You Are

Become Who You Are

Shirley Kirshenboym & Noga Eshed

Become Who You Are
Date: Jun 03 - Jun 06, 2018

For more details about  Become Who You Are, accommodation and registration, please contact Noga:

Tao’s is happy to host Shirley Kirshenboym & Noga Eshed for their Become Who You Are women workshop.


Become Who You Are is an invitation for women to become who they are when they’re free of outside expectations and conditioning, through the practice of meditation, creative writing, movement and sharing, supported by the safe space of Tao’s Center and the magical nature of Paros Island.


Shirley is the founder of Molad Halevana Center in Israel, dedicated to self development through different kinds of workshops and activities.

Noga leads and creates creative writing workshops through texts and inner work.


For more details and registration please contact Noga:


More about the workshop & Shirley on her website