Breath Your Life Ret...

Breath Your Life Retreat

Esther Klinkers

Breath Your Life Retreat
Date: Oct 21 - Oct 31, 2018
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The Breath Your Life Retreat is offered in a package that includes the workshop, meals & 11-night accommodation in family hotels in the near-by village of Ambelas.


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Tao’s Center is hosting Esther Klinkers for her Breath Your Life Retreat. 


This 10-day retreat is designed to create transformation through the practice of movement, yoga and meditation, and is divided in 2 modules:


5 Days Movement Awareness and Inspiration for Teaching

This yoga and meditation training (module 1) is a movement based spiritual practice. I share the training in a movement awareness course and an inspiration course about practicing and teaching yoga asana for transformation.


 5 Days Meditation and Self Inquiry

In this advanced training (module 2) we will work with the lymbic brain, emotions and limiting beliefs. We rewire neural networks in the limbic brain that keep us locked in drama roles coming from past impressions. We close the emotional heart which is connected to karmic patterns. And open the spiritual heart which is free.


Esther is a Yoga and Meditation teacher interested in transformative processes.


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