Kundalini Yoga | Sou...

Kundalini Yoga | Sound Healing

Beant Devi & Joyleen Rao

Kundalini Yoga | Sound Healing
Date: Oct 26 - Oct 29, 2017

The Kundalini Yoga & Sound Healing retreat is offered in a package that includes workshop, meals and 4-night accommodation in family hotels, in the near-by village of Ambelas, starting from 455€.

Workshop alone price: 390€


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Tao’s is happy to host Beant Devi KaurJoyleen Rao for their Kundalini Yoga & Sound Healing retreat.


The retreat is a journey through the seven chakras: one session for each chakra. Using Kundalini Yoga techniques and meditation, each chakra is touched, felt and comprehended. Then, when open and receptive, the Tibetan Bowl’s sound and vibrations can deeply get in, bringing emotional, mental and energetical healing.


Beant Devi Kaur (Kundalini Yoga) & Joyleen Rao (Sound Healing) have been working closely together to build up the energy and create this profound and powerful journey, through weekly kundalini yoga classes, sound journeys and monthly Sadhana’s accompanied with Live Music.


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