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Oshos Diamond Breath Training | Module 2

Devapath & Nalini

Oshos Diamond Breath Training | Module 2
Date: Oct 14 - Oct 24, 2017

For more details about Oshos Diamond Breath TrainingModule 2: The Journey of Life  – as well as accommodation and registration, please contact Nalini though the training page.

Tao’s is happy to host Devapath & Nalini with their Oshos Diamond Breath Training Module 2: The Journey of Life.


Oshos Diamond Breath© is a merger of Western therapy and Eastern meditation, and is aiming at the art of living totally and consciously. The training teaches skills of working with the breath, enabling ones own transformation and the foundation of working with others.


Devapath has been a physician and a therapist for 35 years. Today he is the director of the International Breath Energy School.

Nalini is a Cranio Sacral Resonance Practitioner, Yoga teacher & Breath Therapist.


For more details and registration please check the training page on Nalini & Devapath Oshos Diamond Breath website.


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