Being Human | Therap...

Being Human | Therapists Intensive

Being Human | Therapists Intensive
Date: Oct 18 - Oct 21, 2018
Price: 808€
for the Intensive, daily lunch and 5-night shared accommodation; 10% discount for locals/repeaters

Packages Details


Therapists Intensive is offered in a package that includes 5-night accommodation in family hotels in the near-by village of Ambelas:


Eleana Hotel

808€ for sharing a room; 870€ for staying alone

Christiana Hotel

820€ for sharing a room; 870€ for staying alone

Margarita Studios

893€ for sharing a room; 940€ for staying alone

Ambelas Mare

925€ for sharing a room; 995€ for staying alone


Intensive and meals-alone Price (without accommodation): 750€

10% discount for locals and repeaters

For more details & registration please contact us through the ‘More Info‘ button above.

‘Be a therapist that performs miracles,

Be a human being.’


Therapists Intensive is a 4-day training given by Orly Doctori (Ujallah) designed for physio/psycho-therapists, coaches, healers, counselors and anybody who works with people.


In this Intensive, Orly will present her therapy method – InLove Consciousness. According to this method, the destination of every therapy, regardless to the therapist background and practice, is to enable the freedom to Be and the of love of what Is. The obstacles are of the mind, fears that limit one’s mental perception and affect the emotional and physical wellbeing. The healing principle is recognizing every occurrence in life as a navigation tool on one’s self-growth map.


Therapists Intensive daily schedule includes morning, noon and evening sessions, morning and afternoon meditations and lunch.


More about Orly Doctori


More about Therapists Intensive:

In the Intensive will explore and practice the following themes:

1. What  is Conscious Therapy and what are the qualities needed to be a conscious therapist.

2. Love as Healing Principle: Therapy as series of encounters where both therapist and client lose any sense of separate interests.

3. Holy Relationship: Either short or long and progressive, therapist and client must be honestly willing to follow and accept the truth.

4. Entering the Subtle

Observation: The recognition of automatic patterns of action and behaviour.

Discovery: The gain of new data in the field of consciousness.

Creativity: The relevance of the unexpected.

5. Languages of Development

Language, either spoken or in thoughts, is reflecting a phase of one’s evolution and growth.

- Childhood: Being dependent and seeing yourself as the world.

- Teenhood: Defining yourself as different from the world and claiming for independence.

- Adulthood: Seeing yourself and the world as interdependent; maturity.

6. Feminine & Masculine: Updating their definitions and clarifying their characteristics, differences and interdependence; The laws of LifeMotion.

7. The Chakras: Structure, arrangement and relations between all elements of the incredible Human Being.



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