The Radiant Awakening

Tao’s Center is happy to host Cain Carroll for his Radiant Awakening Workshop, a path of integrated personal development. It is a complete physical, mental, and spiritual blueprint for waking up and achieving your true potential on all levels


The Radiant Awakening is the result of over 20 years of intensive study and practice with known and hidden masters of ancient wisdom traditions. Stripped of dogma and applicable to everyday living, the Radiant Awakening is a profound shift toward discovering balance, vitality and fulfillment in all Nine Spheres of your life.

Based in a unique step-by-step process of self-understanding and self-healing, the practice teaches you how to break the cycle of stress, struggle and sickness by directly addressing root causes. The result is a return to your true self. Radiant. Vital. Free.


Cain Carroll is a visionary teacher, speaker and author in the fields of self-healing, personal development, and engaged spirituality. Cain is founder of The Radiant Awakening, author of Partner Yoga, Mudras of India, The Four Dignities, and creator of three instructional DVDs: Pain-Free Joints, Heal Neck & Shoulder Pain, and Digestive Power.

More about Radiant Awakening

More about Cain Carroll on his Website


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