Carolyn Cowan

Carolyn Cowan

Carolyn Cowan is a charismatic and elevating Kundalini Yoga teacher, teaching since 1997.


Until the age of 30 she was a world-known body painter & photographer,

living wildly and excessively until joining the AA 12 steps process in 1991.


After becoming sober she discovered the divine through Kundalini Yoga,

studied with Yogi Bhajan and since, she’s teaching and training,

focusing on The Addictive Personality and expanding Conscious Sexuality

as well as running an international Mother’s Journey Conscious Pregnancy teacher training.


Carolyn has published 11 DVDs, a vibrant YouTube Channel and a Vimeo Channel

with longer yoga kriyas and meditations.

All are available through Carolyn main website:


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The Power of Breath: Kundalini Yoga Master Classes series with Carolyn Cowan