Testimonials | Orly Doctori

Testimonials | Orly Doctori


“It is a gift to interact with Orly. She guides you with love. In both group or one-on-one sessions, Orly is a master at getting to the core of what you need in each moment. Her workshops are dynamic and interesting as she shares her knowledge and guides you to learn about yourself. Orly empowers her students to use their own guidance system and to live life with love and authenticity.

I would sincerely recommend working with Orly to anyone who has the opportunity.”

– Katie, USA


“The Beyond Femininity Workshop was an empowering and liberating experience. Much gratitude for the amazing teachings and sisterhood.”

– Anna, UK


“Orly works in many ways, always feeling the need of the person in front of her. To go to a private session with her can be a very deep, beautiful and a life-changing experience. She is able to read in your story and personal history. As a channel she can help you to connect back to your own center, to listen again to your own voice and heal old pain. For her work she uses many different ways of healing; it’s always surprising, but the most important thing is that I always felt safe. She helped me to see my gifts, my uniqueness and the uniqueness of my life – and showed me that everybody has a right to live an authentic life. 

She is a wonderful soul reader!”

– Anke, Germany


‘The moment I saw her for the first time my heart got bigger. Orly opens your mind, your heart & your soul to divination. She makes you believe in what you always felt; in the colors of your soul, in the ‘Course of Miracles’. Her workshops make the child in you alive again, you have fun and you unleash your most beautiful self. And if you are ready, her healing sessions recover your heart, make your mind understand and your soul thrive for new information. It is a rebirth…

It feels like the beginning of the rest of your life.”

– Raya, Lebanon


“If you always wanted to know about yourself and your femininity, join the Beyond Femininity Workshop with Orly! It is a great gift and

I found my inner queen.”

– Janna, Germany


“In Orly’s workshop I’ve learned how to connect to my heart, to be able to get in touch with my real feelings and not what I would like to feel or what I think I should feel. How to make the difference between truth and illusion. Orly is a great teacher and her way of teaching is unique, practical and easy to understand. In a gentle and intelligent manner she brings you to a better understanding of your automatism and your repeating habits and to how you can change them.

I highly recommend her workshops.”
– Sylviane, Switzerland


“Listening with her wise eyes and heart wide open, Orly took me through a powerful journey of looking in and out, realizing the beauty and the love available for all.”

– Hagar, Israel


“During the month that I’ve spent at Tao’s Center, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in Orly’s offerings, such as the Ring (sharing and teaching circle), group sessions as well as personal sessions. To everything she does, Orly brings a high degree of quality, truth, love, care and wisdom. I have learned so much and feel deeply grateful and inspired, especially by her authenticity, wisdom, humor, big heart, grounded-ness, clarity and love. It’s hard to describe her in just few words but one word I would use is truth-see-er – Orly has the gift to see right through you and reflects it back in the most loving and wise way. I couldn’t think of a better person to found, lead and live the InLove School. ”

– Nicky, Netherlands


“Living the experience of Tao’s and Paros allowed me to stop and look inside. In this The Beyond Femininity Workshop with Orly, has also opened some closed windows and has given me confidence, strength and tools to keep digging inside.”

– Patricia, Spain


“Thank you Orly for all the love and gifts. Your clarity helped me to connect to myself and reminded me to enjoy each moment of life.”

– Birgit, Germany