Thalia Venieri

Thalia Venieri

Thalia is a Pilates instructor. She has a BA degree in Dance and Psychology

and is a graduate of the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in New York.

She taught Contemporary Dance for 19 years at The American College of Greece

and in several other schools and studios in Athens. At the same time she was working as

a personal trainer, giving private and group classes to men and women of all ages

and has developed a safe and effective way of  stretching, strengthening, toning

and lengthening the whole body.


“The body never lies” Martha Graham

The undisputed truth of the above statement came after years of watching many bodies in motion,

but it also revealed to me that each movement expresses the inner state of the individual.

A human being is an integrated whole and the psychological affects the physical and vice versa.

The inner state changes by changing the movement and it has been a pleasure

that I was able to make a difference in so many peoples’ lives

by helping them reach inside their souls through the movement in their bodies.


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