4 Elements Yoga Seri...

4 Elements Yoga Series

Arianna Risi

4 Elements Yoga Series
Date: May 25 - Jun 15, 2024
Price: 50€ per session; 40€ for card holders

The 4 Elements Yoga Series can be taken fully or by session.

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Rooted in the spiritual quest of the ancient Yogis of India, Yoga is the exploration of Oneness or Unity.

As such, the practice of Yoga, of Meditation and of Pranyama are aspects of the same path, encapsulating the Ayurvedic view and principles as well. As everything in Nature, we’re a microcosm and a reflection of it, thus our physical, mental and energetic sides are all aspects of the same thing.


The 4 Elements Yoga Series is meant to demonstrate and practice exactly that – using Meditation, Breathing, Yoga & Ayurvedic principles – focusing in each session on a different element.  The series is led by Arriana Risi, a practitioner and teacher of Yoga.

The Series sessions are on Saturdays, 10:00-12:30:

May 25, Earth

June 1, Water

June 8, Fire

June 15, Air

160€ for the full series; 50€ per session / 40€ for card holders.


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