Karma Yoga | Yoga Pr...

Karma Yoga | Yoga Practice & Theory

Thelgia Sistovari & Galit Levin

Karma Yoga | Yoga Practice & Theory
Date: Oct 20 - Oct 23, 2022
Price: 350€ + Dana
for 4-day retreat, 5-night shared accommodation and daily breakfast & dinner; Teachers tuition is Dana and needs to be added

Packages Details


The Karma Yoga retreat is offered in a package that includes 4-day retreat, 5-night accommodation and daily breakfast & dinner. The teachers tuition is Dana and is not included in the prices below.


Eleana Hotel

350€ for sharing a room; 425€ for staying alone

Christiana Hotel

362€ for sharing a room; 450€ for staying alone

Margarita Studios

450€ for sharing a room; 545€ for staying alone

Ambelas Mare 

487€ for sharing a unit; 750€ for staying alone


Workshop and meals-alone Price (without accommodation): 225€

Teachers tuition is Dana and  needs to be added.


For registration & reservations please contact us through the ‘More Info‘ button above.

Tao’s is hosting Thelgia SistovariGalit Levin for their  Karma Yoga, a Yoga Practice & Theory retreat.


The 4-day retreat will explore the definition of skillful action based on interpreting the Bhagavad Gita, one of the most important texts of yoga philosophy. The retreat sessions will consist of theoretical lectures, Asana practice, Pranayama and guided Meditations.

Check this link for detailed retreat schedule.


Thelgia Sistovari lives in Greece and teaches Yoga and its principles according to the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar. Thelgia will teach the asana practice and pranayama.


Galit Levin lives in Israel and teaches in Israel and abroad. She specializes in yoga philosophy, spiritual evolution and yoga therapy. Galit will teach the theoretical lectures and meditation practice.


For more details about the retreat content please check this link or contact:

Thelgia: thelgia@yahoo.co.uk

Galit: galitlevin@gmail.com

For registration, please contact us or click the More info button on the right side of the page.