Love Between Genders

Love Between Genders

Orly Doctori & Tali Zamir

Love Between Genders
Date: Sep 29 - Oct 01, 2021
Price: price info in teachers publication

Love Between Genders participants are offered various accommodation options in family hotels in the nearby village of Ambelas.


For more accommodation info, prices and reservations, please contact us:

Tao’s Center is hosting Orly Doctori & Tali Zamir for their Love Between Genders workshop.


The workshop will focus on the awareness of and the balance between the masculine and the feminine forces, that are part of all of us, women and men alike. The workshop will explore the various phases of these energies and the ways they manifest in relationships, communication, sex and spirituality.


The 3-day workshop schedule includes morning, noon and evening sessions and daily lunch.


You can  read more about Orly Doctori in her teacher page and about Tali Zamir in her Facebook profile.


For full info and registration, please contact Maya:

whatsapp: +972 52 8515290