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Movement & Mindfulness

Movement & Mindfulness
Date: Sep 24 - Sep 28, 2021
Price: 610€
for 5-day workshop, 6-night shared accommodation and daily breakfast & lunch

Packages Details


The Movement & Mindfulness retreat is offered in a package that includes the workshop, 6-night accommodation in family hotels in the near-by village of Ambelas and daily breakfast & lunch:

Eleana Hotel

610€ for sharing a room; 700€ for staying alone

Christiana Hotel

625€ for sharing a room; 730€ for staying alone

Margarita Studios

730€ for sharing a room; 844€ for staying alone

Ambelas Mare

775€ for sharing a room; 1,090€ for staying alone


Workshop-alone Price (without accommodation): 460€

10% discount for locals


For more details, registration & reservations please contact us through the ‘More Info‘ button above.

Movement & Mindfulness with Ilanit Tadmor is an exploration and practice of awareness through movement.


Bringing attention to the way you move and to your body sensations while doing so, enhances the experience of the present moment – thoughts, feelings, the space around you and other that share this space – and is simply a practice of Meditation and Mindfulness. 


The 5-day workshop schedule consists of daily morning & noon sessions, light breakfast and lunch:

09:30  Light breakfast

10:30-14:00 Morning & noon sessions

14:00 Lunch

A free Intro session will take place on September 22, 19:00, open to whomever wants to join.

Check here detailed workshop schedule


For more info & registration, please contact us or click the More info button on the right side of the page.


More about Ilanit Tadmor


Ilanit Tadmor in TEDx about Movement & improvisation:


More about the workshop:

Our body is a powerful vehicle, the channel through which we experience ourselves as human beings. Being attentive to it and to its movement is a key for our ability to listen to ourselves, to our thoughts, to our feelings and to others. Attentive movement is an inner inquiry, created out of listening to the simple and trivial everyday actions.


Movement & Mindfulness uses movement techniques, improvisation, mindfulness and meditation to bring and to enhance awareness in a creative way.


Ilanit about the workshop process and content:


Pictures from September 2013 Workshop

Pictures from October 2014 Workshop

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