Uno | Creation & Cre...

Uno | Creation & Creativity Retreat

Anna Waisman, Didi Erez, Tamara Erde

Uno | Creation & Creativity Retreat
Date: Apr 12 - Apr 18, 2020
Price: 850€
for 6-day retreat, 6-night shared accommodation, shared car and daily breakfast & lunch

Packages Details 


Uno Creativity Retreat is offered in a package that includes the 6-day retreat, 6-night accommodation in family hotels in the near-by village of Ambelas, shared cars, daily breakfast & lunch.


Eleana Hotel

850€ for sharing a room; 910€ for staying alone

Margarita Studios

940€ for sharing a room; 1,000€ for staying alone


For more info & registration please contact Anna:

Whatsapp: +972 52 6510601

Tao’s is hosting Anna Waisman, Didi Erez & Tamara Erde for their co-created Uno Creativity Retreat.


UNO  is an invitation to dive into creation, offering a unique opportunity to develop within a short period of time yet in a fully guided process, an art project of your own making. It is a product of co-operation of three friends and co-creators, combining their array of tools – movement, video art, breathing techniques, sound work, meditation, yoga, dance, design, photography and more.

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The 6-day retreat daily schedule includes morning, noon & afternoon sessions (group & one-on-one), breakfast, lunch and (a bit of) free island time.


Anna Waisman is a dancer, designer and creator in performing arts. She teaches movement, yoga and pilates, focusing on breathing. She also accompanies artists during their process of creation.

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Didi Erez is a singer and composer creator of numerous works, from music for theaters & films to founding ‘The Giraffes’ and having solo albums. He is also leading workshops of integrating music into dance and improvisation.

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Tamara Erde is an artist and filmmaker, based in Paris. Her work varies from documentary and fiction films to dance performances and video installations., including co-creating artistic projects with other artists.

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For more info & registration please contact Anna:

Whatsapp: +972 52 6510601