Yoga, Sound & Medita...

Yoga, Sound & Meditation Retreat

Angelos Steliou & Mateusz Iwulski

Yoga, Sound & Meditation Retreat
Date: Jul 20 - Jul 25, 2020
Price: price info in teachers publication

The Yoga,Sound & Meditation retreat is offered in a package that includes the retreat, 7-night accommodation in family hotels in the near-by village of Ambelas and daily brunch & dinner.


For price & packages details, please contact Angelos:

Tao’s Center is hosting Angelos Steliou & Mateusz Iwulski for a Yoga,Sound & Meditation retreat.


The 6-day retreat offers morning Yoga sessions, practicing asanas, breath and meditation, while the afternoon sessions will focus on movement, music and meditation, using Kirtans and Mantra-singing. Both Yoga and Voicing will lead participants into focus and surrender and these happening simultaneously, will enhance awareness, joy and self-healing processes. Morning and afternoon sessions will be followed by daily brunch and dinner.


Angelos Steliou is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher and Ayurvedic masseur. He is Reiki therapist, Shakti yoga dancer and Capoeirista, leading Yoga retreats all around the world. Angelos will guide the Yoga morning practice.


Mateusz Iwulski is a yoga teacher, coming from the world of dance, movement and bodywork. He is the co-owner of High On Yoga studio in Berlin and combines harmonium playing and voicing in his work. Mateusz will guide the movement, Kirtans & mantra-singing parts.


For full info about the retreat please contact Angelos:


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