Long Stay Program – Frequently Asked Questions

Long Stay Program – Frequently Asked Questions



What is the length of the Program?

From one month and up to three.


Is the Program starting on the 1st of every month?

No, there isn’t a set day when you have to join.

You can join the program whenever it is suitable for you, as long as it is between the 1st of April until the end of October.

The month will start when you arrive.


Do I have to tell you in advance when I will be leaving the program or can I decide later on?

Approximately, yes. Off course things are dynamic and once you’re here you can prolong or shorten, and in such case please let us know ahead as much as possible.





When do I have to pay for the program?

You will have to transfer 100 euro as a first payment when you make the registration, to book your place. Once you arrive you will pay the rest, in cash, in the office.






What activities will I be able to attend as part of the program?

You are entitled to join all of our Weekly Schedule as part of your program, which includes various kinds of Yoga, Meditations, Pilates, Tai-Chi, Movement, The Ring, Kundalini practice and many more.

For workshops, retreats and special events that will take place during your stay, you’ll be entitled to a staff discount, which is up to 30% of the activity price.


What level are the activities?

Our activities are meant for all levels, including beginners, so no previous experience is needed.  Our teachers make sure that everyone, in any level, can keep up and benefit from the practice.





What is the Schedule of the program?

The program starts at 9 am and goes until 5 pm, Monday to Saturday.

The program daily schedule includes the daily activities, daily lunch and in the gaps between those, helping with the various center’ needs – maintaining the various spaces, gardening, cleaning etc.


Do I get lunch?

Yes. Monday to Saturday we sit all together for staff lunch, usually vegetarian.


How many hours of work and what sort of tasks will I have to do?

The helping out takes place in between activities and after lunch mainly and  would be around 4/5 hours a day. This will usually be helping with different needs of the center, such as gardening, maintaining & preparing the halls/treatment rooms, laundry, kitchen, cleaning and whatever else is needed. The work can rotate on a weekly basis, so you can experience and help in different areas along your stay.


Do I have to attend the activities if I join the program or can I decide?.

Joining the activities is optional, except for the Morning Meditation and the Ring.

However, we recommend to take advantage of the opportunity that the program brings to you, with many different activities aimed to connect with your body and focus on your awareness.


What happens if I decide to join a workshop while I am on the Long Stay?

We highly recommend for you to make use of the tools and activities that we offer while you are here. With that spirit we make it easy for you to join any kind of workshop (you will have a discount and also your ‘helping out’ tasks will be around the workshop you join, i.e. cleaning the hall after the sessions…)





Where is the accommodation?

The Program’ accommodation is located in the near-by village of Ambelas-Damoulis, in nice, simple living units, viewing the Aegean Sea, 5 min walk from the beach and 30 min walk from the center.  In July and August the accommodation is also in the village of Tsoukalia, a 10 minute drive from the center.


What kind of accommodation do you provide?

Every unit is equipped with a kitchenette, bathroom, beddings, towels and kitchen stuff, so no need to bring with you anything other than clothes and personal things.


Will you provide linen and towels?

As said above, yes. If you’d like to use beach towel, please bring one with you.


Can I chose to have a single room?

There is an option for single accommodation based on availability, with an extra cost. During high season period – June-Aug – there usually is less availability, so we recommend to reserve ahead if you want single occupancy.


I am coming with my friend to the program, can we share a room together?

Yes, we can accommodate you two together if this is what you prefer.


Is there Wi-Fi?

The center has Wi-Fi so you can always connect or catch up. In the living units there is a limited internet connection and only in few spots.  Except for Tao’s, the nearby village of Naousa has many Cafés that all have Wi-Fi.


Will I have a kitchen?

Most of the units do provide a small kitchen to cook basic food.


Are the rooms sea/outdoor view or with Balcony?

The majority of the units have balcony with sea-view and outdoors view, so that you can enjoy of the Greek atmosphere and Paros landscapes.


Do you provide laundry services?

No, but there is a low-cost close-by laundry service that you could use.





Does the program price include transportation?

No. Yet, we highly recommend renting a vehicle during your stay. It will enable you an easy access to/from the center and more important – to explore and enjoy the island in your spare time.

Through rental agencies we work with, we can help you with low-cost long-term rentals of bicycle, scooter, quad or car (regular/automatic). Rental prices are lower in low/mid-season and are all special rates for the program participants. For any case – you might decide to rent something after your arrival, even for shorter period – please bring your driving license with you.


When is it best to decide about the transportation?

Either ahead or after you arrive, so you can see what sort of vehicle suits you and for how long you want it. For the period of July 20 to end-of-August it’s better to reserve ahead.





What is the best way to get to Paros?

Usually you should get to Athens and from there you can choose between ferry or flight.

Flights depart from Athens airport – 40 minutes and between 50€ to 120€ per trip.

Ferries are from Piraeus port – 4 hours and around 40€ per trip. From Athens Airport there is a bus (96X, 6€) or Metro (10€) that goes to Piraeus port.From some locations you can fly to Mykonos instead of Athens and from there take a ferry to Paros.

In any case, make sure the ferry/flight connections are spacious enough before you close your international flights.


Should I book the ferry in advance?

In case you decide to take the Ferry from Piraeus to Paros, you can check prices and timings on www.go-ferry.com. If you come during July or August, we do recommend to book in advance. If you come in another moment, in Pireus before the ferry departs, you can buy the tickets of the ferry you plan to take.


Once in Paros, how can I get to the Center?

Once you arrive to Paros, we would ask you to come to the Center, where one of our team members will be waiting for you.

No matter if you come by flight or by boat, let us know your time of arrival and we can book a taxi for you (around 25-35 euro). Once in the center we will take you to your accommodation.