Group Hosting

Group Hosting

Group Hosting
Date: Apr 01 - Nov 24, 2024
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Please check the links below for more info about our staying arrangements and the Island of Paros.

Tao’s is a Retreat Center on the Greek Island of Paros, offering its unique venue and facilities for conferences and guest teachers, from Yoga seminars to business events.


The beautiful scenery of the island with its simplicity, serenity and openness, the unique Buddha field of the center with its activity halls, delicious food and intimate, secure and happy atmosphere, create all together a perfect location for any kind of group: remote, surrounded by nature, meditative, very comfortable and very un-pretentious.



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The Halls
The small hall
– 40 sq. meters (5m×8m), facing the sea and the neighboring islands.
Intimate space, ideal for small groups, up to 15 participants.
– The facility includes bathroom, bags & shoes area, storage room.
– Wooden floor, mirror (optional), yoga mats, cushions for floor sitting.
– Sound system, A/C
– Hosting price: 20-30€ per participant per day depending on group schedule (not incl. vat)

– Minimum 8 participants



The big hall
– 200 sq. meters (12m×17m), half-way underground, no columns, strong meditative atmosphere, one of a kind!

Can facilitate up to 100 participants, depending on the nature of the activity.

– The facility includes separate entrance, bags & shoes area, toilets & bathrooms, small Zen Garden.
– Tatami mats floor, yoga mats, cushions for floor sitting.
– Professional sound system (including mixer), A/C.
– Hosting price: 20-30€ per participant per day depending on group schedule (not incl. vat)

– Minimum 15 participants



Except for the halls the group leaders and therapists can use Tao’s Personal Sessions rooms for private sessions.


Breakfast, lunch or dinner in Tao’s Restaurant can be combined into the group schedule. The restaurant Asian-Mediterranean cuisine is based on fresh, local ingredients, mostly organic, and is open to groups as well as to the visitors of the center. The meals are rich, nutritious, balanced and very delicious.
Breakfast: 10-14€ per person (not incl. vat)
Lunch: 15-18€ per person (not incl. vat)
Dinner: should be coordinated specifically according to the group needs

Any specific requests can be coordinated ahead.



Accommodation & Transportation in the island
Tao’s Center guests are accommodated in the nearby village of Ambelas, in various family hotels ranging from simple to more luxurious ones. In all of them the rooms are equipped with small kitchenette, A/C and internet connection. Except for those, private houses and other accommodation options can be coordinated according to the group needs.


Daily transportation can be arranged either by bus or by renting cars/motorbikes (can be shared between few participants) in order to get to/from the center and to move independently around the island.


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