About the Island of Paros

About the Island of Paros

Paros is a magical island.

Whether you visit or live here, you’ll immediately feel at home.

After a short while, you will realize you are enchanted with its simplicity and serenity.


The colors, the very simple and powerful nature, the vast sky, the stones, being so far away from

the rush of the world and simultaneously so close to real life as you always knew they should be.


Being part of the Cycladic islands but different from its more touristic neighbours – Mykonos & Santorini – Paros kept its authentic Greek atmosphere, yet offers anything you may need or think of:

Sport Various kinds of water sports, Scuba Diving and specifically Wind & Kite Surfing,

being one of the preferred locations for wind-surfing professionals and fans.

Creativity Being spiritual by nature, Paros accommodates many artists, craftsmen and art schools,

offering shorter or longer art courses, from painting to sculpturing, from ceramics to wood-work.

Going Around – Horse riding, walking routes, boat excursions to small neighbouring islands.

Day/Night Life Tavernas, caf├ęs, bars, beach clubs, night clubs and parties!!


And above all, the ability to just be, quiet and happy, for no specific reason..


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General Info About Paros


wunderground for general weather, windguru for detailed winds info



Parosweb: Paros Community and info about the Island

Ambelas Paros: Info about the village of Ambelas

Greeka: Travel Guide about Paros

Innovaros: Parian group for promoting Paros

Paros Life: The local English 3-monthly magazine

Paros Ecological Park: Walking routes, historical sites, beach


Other Languages:

All about Paros in Hebrew

About Paros in Italian