The courage to be awake – personal development workshops in September

“I risk by looking deeper

When the light goes on

Comes the awakening

There I start remembering

The things that my spirit

Have always known.

Doors begin to open

The big picture is unfolding

There is a purpose for being

There is a unique role

The work is to transform

I am

Becoming my potential

The challenges are my personal initiations

Spiritual evolution is an individual growth

There are multiple paths possible

One thing is needed: the courage to seek for the

Understanding of the mysteries of the unknown

The healing forces of the planet, the touch of

The divine.

The courage to be awake.”

– Orly Doctori


We believe in personal development, and we understand it is a journey that takes different shapes and forms through our ever-changing lives. At Tao’s, we offer workshops & tools to create a safe space for personal growth and fostering human connection. Few of those are given by Tao’s resident teacher – Orly Doctori (Ujallah) – who spends with us the summer period. Ujallah is a caring, wise healer and the founder of the InLove School in India. She uses a wide range of techniques in her teaching such as guided meditation, verbal sharing, breath work and some good humour! She facilitates The Ring talks every week in summer, and runs deeply nourishing workshops throughout the year for both women and men.

So far this year she has had groups go through her Sacred Femininity workshop for women, and the Warrior, Lover workshop she facilitated jointly with Yaakov Enoshi. Sacred Femininity was a beautiful weekend of exploration, healing and acceptance where participants learned practical tools to reconnect with their feminine power. Warrior, Lover was for both men and women, and explored the warrior and the lover within us, balancing the masculine and feminine, the hard and the soft.

Coming up in September Ujallah will be welcoming back some familiar faces and some new faces to Aphrodite Rising – her more advanced retreat for women and a second part to the ongoing learnings from Sacred Femininity. Aphrodite Rising, September 9 to 11, will be a journey in feminine sexuality. The intimate workshop will be about accepting, expressing and celebrating women’s sexuality without shame and inhibition. It will also be about the liberation from oppression and conditioning that women often grow up with.

Also in September there is a new couple’s workshop: Common Ground. This will run over the weekend of September 23 to 25 and welcomes couples to participate with an open mind and a common goal of deepening their connection without fear or shame. This is a chance to spend time with your partner on a Greek island and find deeper ways to love and be loved.

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