Alexandra Basantpal Argyriadi

Alexandra Basantpal Argyriadi

To feel successful in life, you have to learn to change your gears

to meet the circumstances around you.

You have to learn how to control your energy.

That’s what Kundalini Yoga actually is.

It teaches you to bring your transmition and your gears under your control.

Yogi Bhajan


Born in Athens, Basantpal Kaur has been practicing Kundalini yoga since 2004.

She is teaching since 2011, and have introduced the Kundalini Yoga practice into Tao’s, immediately becoming a core practice in the Center. She is leading the Kundalini Yoga teaching since then.


She is a prominent figure in the Greek Kundalini Yoga world, leading sessions, workshops, teacher trainings, organizing events, introducing world-known guest teachers and turning this powerful and transformative practice into one of the main yoga practices in Greece.


Also a certified Sat Guru Charan therapist (meditative foot reflexology), Alexandra studied Business Administration and uses her corporate experience in teamwork and management, placing it in the service of teaching.


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