Ouvi Lifshitz

Ouvi Lifshitz

Ouvi Lifshitz is one of the leading yoga instructors in Israel, leading trainings, workshops and ongoing lessons in Israel and overseas.


Combining her theoretical interest, her self-growth process & practice and teaching intensively for many years, she understood that every method is limited to the personality of its founder. From this realization and from a desire to expand the borders of the known, she has formed a path that allows practice and methodological teaching without committing to a specific style or method.

In this manner, she has been teaching and certifying numerous yoga teachers, putting an emphasis on a detailed knowledge of the theoretical background of yoga as well as its meditative basis, reflecting in the teachers manuals she wrote for her courses.


Ouvi is also a certified Feldenkrais teacher for 25 years and for the past 3 years she has been facilitating Mindfulness classes and workshops, after receiving a Mindfulness Based Therapy degree (M.B.T) from Bar Ilan University in Israel.


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