Orly Doctori | Resident teacher

Orly Doctori | Resident teacher

“I believe that life is beautiful, perfect and with no mistakes.

Love is the Way.”


Orly Doctori (Ujallah) is a woman, mother, healer, teacher, founder of InLove school and resident teacher in Tao’s.


In her work she uses care, wisdom and humour. By seeing people for who they truly are, she disentangles the illusion of barriers, allowing the opportunity to connect to the source within, to awaken and move from automatic-pilot into the uniqueness of one’s true self. Mindfulness, Love and Compassion are her most powerful tools, along with a wide range of healing techniques that include guided meditation, dream work, pranic healing, breathing, verbal sharing and writing. Orly supports you in creating your own safe space, enabling growth, forgiveness and spiritual nourishment, helping you to rediscover the power that you never really lost.


Orly is leading group processes, individual sessions and workshops all around the world, from New York and Berlin to India and Morocco. In 2014 she created the InLove school, offering various tools for mind, body and spirit work.


Orly is a resident teacher in Tao’s Center, where she teaches and gives personal sessions from June to October. You can read here testimonials of people who participated her workshops, group sessions & individual counselling.

During the season of 2018, Orly has the following program:


The Ring: A guided talk & sharing circle, offering a mindful space where you can get another angle of yourself. Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, 11:30

Beyond Femininity: 4-day women retreat, exploring femininity and masculinity as aspects needed for mature growth. June 28 – July 1

Know Yourself | Day to Day Awareness: 3-day retreat, presenting practical tools for change and self growth. July 26-28

Being Human | Therapists Intensive: 4-day training  for physio/psycho-therapists, coaches, counselors, and anyone who’s into being their own therapists. October 18-21



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