Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge
Date: Jan 01 - Jan 01, 1970
Price: 80€
60€ for locals and guests attending more than one ceremony


– Please bring with you very light clothing: swimsuit/shorts/longhi. Also Towels if you want to have a shower later.

– Please make sure you drink water during the day. Water during the Sweat lodge and after will be provided.

– You can bring whatever object/flowers you want to put in the altar, and musical instruments to bring in.

– We will provide a light meal after the Sweat Lodge.

Tao’s Center is happy to host a series of Sweat Lodge Ceremonies throughout September.


The Sweat Lodge ceremony is a transforming experience, aimed at purifying both body and mind. The ceremonies are led by experienced Native American Shamans that have led numerous lodges all around the world, creating a safe space where everyone can feel at home while experiencing a deep connection with themselves and with the Elements.

No previous experience is needed and all ages are welcome.


Ceremony dates:

To be announced


Details & Schedule

Lodge time: 20:00-22:30

We gather, completing together the preparations of the fire and the blessing of the four directions. While the rocks are heated in the fire, an introduction is given, after which we enter the Lodge for about 1.5 hour. After going out, we all share a light meal.

At the day of the ceremony it is recommended to eat lightly and to drink a lot of water.


More about Sweat Lodges:

The Sweat Lodge allows you to enter into the womb of creation, bringing clarity, purpose and joy into your life. It is a journey of purification through and with the spiritual forces of nature. The result is a physical release of tensions and a deep feeling of contentment and appreciation of life. The physical orientations of the Lodge are in relation to specific starry constellations creating a true relation between the cosmos, the earth and the Lodge.

The Sweat Lodge ceremony goes through four steps called rounds. Each round can be defined as the time when 7  fire-heated-rocks are brought in, the door is closed, incense burned, water poured, songs of prayer sung, and the door is lifted again.