Date: Apr 01 - Nov 02, 2024
Price: 15€
Please check the Weekly Schedule closer to your arrival date

Enjoy a Movement class that includes improvisation, movement and body awareness.


Being aware of our body and movements is having the capability to listen – to ourselves, to our body, to our thoughts and to our feelings – while staying attentive to the space around us and to others.


By practicing techniques of movement, improvisation & physical theater, we express ourselves without words – a fun way to relax and come closer to what our inner self and instinct tells us.


It is an individual work, shared with others in a positive, safe, and playful way.


Through simple exercises and group games for grownups, we activate intuition and learn more about what we really want and feel. Slowly, we come to realize many traits of our self, our relationship to others and the surroundings.


For exact details – days, hours, style – please check our Daily Activities page.