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Movement & Mindfulness

Movement & Mindfulness
Date: Oct 04 - Oct 08, 2025
Price: 770€
for 5-day workshop, 6-night shared accommodation and daily breakfast & lunch

Packages Details


The Movement & Mindfulness retreat is offered in a package that includes the workshop, 6-night accommodation in family hotels in the near-by village of Ambelas and daily breakfast & lunch:

Eleana Hotel

770€ for sharing a room; 910€ for staying alone

Christiana Hotel

795€ for sharing a room; 960€ for staying alone

Margarita Studios

920€ for sharing a room; 1,130€ for staying alone

Ambelas Mare

985€ for sharing a room; 1,400€ for staying alone


Workshop-alone Price (without accommodation): 570€

10% discount for repeaters & locals


For more details, registration & reservations please contact us through the ‘More Info‘ button above.

Movement & Mindfulness with Ilanit Tadmor is a 5-day workshop, exploring and practicing awareness and presence through body and movement.


Presence is a rare state of mind. Most of the time we tend to be in our thoughts and emotions – accidental and inconsistent as these are – experiencing the world through the prism of our patterns and personality. Practicing presence is the aim of Meditation and at the core of aware Movement and Improvisation. Movement & Mindfulness is using these two practices, together with tools from the Gestalt Therapy world, using the body as a vehicle, through which awareness and presence are created and enhanced.


The workshop is led by Ilanit Tadmor, a dancer, teacher and explorer of movement and improvisation for the last 30 years. Through movement, Ilanit creates a space of mindfulness, awareness and presence. She leads groups, workshops and teacher trainings in Israel and Europe. 


The 5-day workshop daily schedule consists of morning, noon and some afternoon sessions, light breakfast and lunch. An Intro session will take place on October 13, 18:00, open to anyone who wants to join.

Check this link for detailed workshop schedule.


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